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The Hot For The Holidays Challenge contains all of the very same tools our most successful clients have used to: 

  • Stay motivated even when they  don't want to (hint!! it's not just willpower)
  • Use pre planned meals plan to avoid overeating at the Holiday parties and reduce stress during this hectic time of year
  • Maintain their  wits around offices full of junk food and  buffets table when all around them are losing theirs
  • Make the best choices and still enjoy those Holiday Drinks
  • Fit fitness into their  crazy Holiday schedule
  • Eat out  without blowing their diet
  • Avoid the "Silent Diet Saboteur" (no I am not talking about that little voice in your head urging you to "go ahead and have another piece")
  • Enjoy all the foods they  love, socialize... and still lose weight!
  • Be proud of the way they look and feel at social gatherings and in Holiday pictures 
  • Whether you are already working steadily towards your goals and just want to stay on track or are a total beginner, you are in the right place. 

We will be  in touch within 24 hours .

Look Feel Better,And Move Better

Starts Dec 5th  in Old North East, St Pete Beach and Tierra Verde *** must be over 35 to qualify 

***Spaces Are Limited

Click The Button  To Apply NOW 

14 Day Hot For The Holidays Challenge




"I joined because I was fed up with the ups and downs of extreme dieting. I was scared because I was not sure I could handle the workouts. I lost 6" and 4 lbs during the Holidays !

I was used to starving myself to lose weight, so at first the meal plan felt like I was cheating. But it is so doable and realistic way to live. It is not a diet… is a meal plan for life!


I have more endurance and I am starting to be able to push my workouts to the next level. I enjoy it so much, my son is now an intern! "

Heather S , Tierra Verde Camp Member & Client Of The Month

 Learn How to Eat More, Train Less, Arrive At the New Year in A Body You Love  And  Have Fun Doing It !

Burn Fat And Increase Your Metabolism

Reduce Stress

You probably started out this October  like most other years, with a "resolution" not to gain weight during the holidays.

You start off strong and begin  with high hopes of how you will look and feel in your favorite Holiday outfits and about the dress you will rock on New Year's Eve !  

You started out strong thinking "holiday weight gain" starts on  Thanksgiving and lasts through the New Year.  

But the  reality is, it  probably started on October 31. 


You grabbed  a Snickers bar here and a  few Star Bursts  from your little one's Halloween stash or a hand full of home made cookies or snacks at work that lead to a lot of out of control eating.

You missed a few of your workouts because of hectic holiday schedules which lead to 3 weeks of missed workouts

And justifying.

The justification looks something like this: 

"I ate a few pieces of Halloween candy from my kids stash and a cookie one of the girls brought into the office....

"The stores now have candy in Christmas wrappers so I'm buying some to keep in the house through the holidays and I can't say "no" to the home made goodies because I don't want to hurt their feelings."

"Thanksgiving is coming up and I know I'll be eating more than usual.

I've been invited to a few Christmas parties and I have holiday shopping to do. This will interfere with my workouts."

And it just keeps snowballing.

And you justify it by saying you will start again in January. 

But in the meantime, you're silently kicking yourself for letting the weight sneak up on you this holiday season...again.  

Year after year that extra weight can add up to 10,20 or even 30 extra pounds.

 The Holiday Season is NOT the time to "diet" or start a crazy workout program but it also doesn't have to be two months end in you feeling miserable come the New Year. I'm here to tell you it's  not your fault you haven’t learned the REAL secrets behind enjoying your favorite Holiday foods , socializing and  fitting it all in WITHOUT weight gain.

You don't have to look back in 5 years (or even the end of 2016) and wish you had done things differently.


THIS  IS DIFFERENT THAN YOUR AVERAGE "Transformation Challenge".


"I've dropped 10 lbs since starting 3 weeks ago and 15 total. It hasn't been really hard... just preparation! Eating delicious food! Training 3 days a week. Feeling younger and and I have more energy! So glad signed up for this camp! Dianne is great! " - Pattie A, Tierra Verde, Fl

Tierra Verde Group Member & Client of the Month for August 

If you have read this much you are contemplating registering , but maybe you have reservations about starting?

Who is it for? 

- Anyone from 38-64 who wants to reduce stress and maintain their weight during the holidays

What do I get?

- 9 Group Training Sessions 

- Food Plans, Cook Book, Bonus Recipe Manual, The Ultimate Holiday Fitness Survival Manual 

One on One Private Fitness Evaluation and Success Session - to be sure you start at the right level for your body and have the goals and strategies you need to succeed. ($450 value)

Limited Camp Sizes - You won't be one of the herd trying to keep up here at Custom Bodies. We limit camps to 8 to ensure you get the attention you deserve and optimum results. You get private training attention with group fitness pricing and socialization. What could be better than that?

14 Daily Inspirational Emails - Some days are harder than others. Making a health and fitness lifestyle change isn't always going to be easy, if it was you wouldn't be here. We know, we've been there too. That's why we make sure to include some of our best and most inspirational pieces to keep you going when the day is hard and help you keep your healthy habits long after the challenge is over (priceless) 

Members-Only Secret Facebook Group - build relationships and lifelong friendships with others working towards similar goals and struggles

Built-In Accountability - our team and your fellow challengers will personally hold you accountable and go the extra mile to make sure you stay the course


"I am a mother of four children and have never been a big eater, but since working with Dianne and Custom Bodies and her program, my whole outlook on life and eating has changed! The entire 6 steps process is exactly what I needed! I now know HOW to eat and WHAT I can eat...which is almost what I want long as the portions are what they should be!

Prior to beginning with Dianne I had lost 4 1/2 inches with another program but then that "program" ended...just like that! Since starting with Dianne i I have now lost an additional 7 inches. I am running almost 6 miles at a pace of under 9 minutes per mile and am looking forward to my first 10K and have my sights on a half marathon.

The practicality of the program is the best thing for me because I am not a follow-a-diet-person. I know that I can have my 29 Cheezits each day and not regret it at all. I worry so much about those that are restricted to certain foods or a system because it will end and then if some sort of healthy habit is not formed then it is over and boom ....the weight goes back on ( and then some).

As for Dianne and her support, enthusiasm, candor and fun...she is priceless! She has helped so many people who have battles far greater than mine and I am constantly amazed at how she relates to anyone! Dianne truly has a Gift and she is using her talent as God intended. " - Marybeth R,  Hutch Kansas 

" I have lost a total of 10.75” and 7 pounds  including 3” off my hips, 1” off of my thigh, 1.75 off of my waist 1.25 off of my abdomen. The best Part is that for the first time in my life, I don’t feel addicted to food and I haven’t had to starve or deprive myself to get these great results.

My understanding of nutrition now allows me to “Eat Smart Not Less”. I am making better choices from menus whether at home or dianne out. I am also quite impressed with the results of “effective resistance training” I am finally doing exercises where I can feel the specific muscles being worked!! "

Roseanne H, St Pete Beach Group Member 

Programs Designed by a Fitness Professional with 20  years experience transforming over 2000 bodies ($250 value)

Metabolic & HIIT Training - Science Based, Results Driven Programs designed to get maximum results and turn your body into a 24/7 fat burning machine

3 Weeks of Incredible (Dietitian Approved) Meal Plans ($297 Value)

Program Cook Book PLUS Bonus Recipe Manual.  After this , I guarantee that you will discover that eating for the body you deserve does NOT have to be boring.

Complete Success Manual & Getting Started Guide 

The Ultimate Holiday Fitness Survival Guide

4 or 6  Group Training sessions at one of 12  camps in 3 Great Locations ($300 - 450 Value)

1 Month Supply of Biofuel Advanced Liquid Nutrition

A premium multi vitamin with powerful nutrition to restore balance of vital nutrients , replenish antioxidants to combat aging , support healthy brain, muscle and skin performance and nourish your 4 trillion cells ($45 value) 

  1. Choose the location you’d like to attend , Downtown St Petersburg , St Pete Beach or Tierra Verde

  2. Apply To See If You Qualify

  3. If accepted, Workout 2- 3 days a week at our fun filled fat burning Group Personal Training Camps and follow our tasty, done for you food plans

  4. Follow our science base, results driven programs , learn how to eat more, train less and get through the Holidays with less stress and less weight ! 

  5. Gain the knowledge and develop the habits to ensure you maintain your results FOR LIFE !  

 " From a very long distance I was able to participate in a challenge at the beginning of the year . Through social media and sheer willpower I lost 10 lbs and 13+ inches  and am still going strong with the help of my Fitness St Pete Facebook Community!

The meal plans helped me realize what a proper day should look like with food, and now when I'm stuck in a rut, they give me an easy day's worth of meals to get me back on track.

I've also realized how important it is to work out smart. 

I used to dread working out but now have it so down, I am now working out on average 5-6 days a week with quality exercise... And kicking butt when doing so.

If you are living in the St. Pete area, I envy you, because you have a real opportunity to train with her in person. One day I will get down there and steal a session for myself! " Amber H, Vt. 

Total Body Transformation 2016  Challenge Winner 

 "My husband and I started the program here in San Diego about 10 days ago and we love it! I don’t know if we doing everything perfectly, but we feel great! I have lost 7 pounds and my husband has lost about 12. But more important, since we started, I have not had any cravings at all! 

I even recovered from the “off” day with no problem…something that has rarely happened when I “fell off the wagon”. I am a wife and mother who struggles to work a full time job and pursue a doctorate degree. These days I feel like I can balance it all… I did not feel this way before this program! I felt fat and sad most of the time and had little energy to do anything! Oh… and one more thing… it is girl scout cookie season here in my house… what was I thinking… but I have not had one single craving or one single cookie… we are sending our share to the troops this year! Thanks Dianne for giving me hope, energy and my love of life back! "    Kara B , San Diego, Ca 

What sets our program apart from ALL the rest is our unbelievable attention, motivation , customization, group support and built-in accountability. You get private training attention and customization with group fitness pricing and support , it's as simple as that

So, What's The Secret To Getting Through The Holidays Without Weight Gain?

The Hot For The Holidays  Challenge IS Your Solution To Getting Through The Holidays With Less Stress and Less Weight …

The truth is you don’t have to starve yourself, give up your favorite Holiday foods or work out for hours on end to maintain your weight during the Holidays.


In fact, doing these things can make it HARDER and usually leads to quitting your fitness program and endless binging.

" As a 10X full Ironman finisher, I foolishly came in thinking it would be easy given my background and boy was I wrong. Every time you think you’re getting the hang of it Dianne adds an extra twist to increase the difficulty . I lost 10 lbs and my strength increased. " Tony S , St Pete. Fl" 

Old NE  Group Member & Client of the Quarter 2015 

" I am very pleased to say that by working out only 3 days per week, I have lost 20 pounds, 6% body fat and a total of 19 inches and have muscles in places I never dreamed possible. Now keep in mind that I am no body builder. I am 39 years old and I gave birth to a baby girl in May of last year. I am typically a lazy person with some injuries. " Val L , Tierra Verde Fl

Binata (over 35) had been dieting and spending hours on ineffective cardio and a few machines at the gym seeing no results when we met. She reached that "frustration" point where she thought "why even bother any more?"

With a few minor dietary changes and effective exercise, She dropped 3 lbs her first week and hasn't looked back except to see her firmer, tighter butt !


Albina (Her daughter) was in the same boat trying "everything" to lose weight with the same frustrating results. A little nutrition education and a few weeks later and BAM, she's down 10 lbs and rocking camp like a champ.

"I can't believe how easy this food plan is. Why doesn't everyone know this?" she said.

 "After interviewing a number of different trainers, I met Dianne. My initial impression was that she was knowledgeable in her field and extremely enthusiastic. Being a physician, it was very important that I work with a trainer that had a solid understanding of the science behind the exercises, understood the importance of a multifaceted approach to to a wellness a lifestyle, including not only the physical exercise regimen but also the n nutritional and psychological aspects of their client in order to help them achieve a sustainable, healthy lifestyle for the long haul.

The bottom line is this: If you a are serious and committed to getting yourself in shape and developing a healthy a and sustainable nutrition and fitness program, then Custom Bodies is where you need to go….It’s as simple as that. " Dr. Michael Sprintz 

Here’s How the " Hot For The Holidays" challenge works:

Results Don't Start Until You do   >>>

Limited Spots Available

During the past 20 years, Custom Bodies I Fitness St Pete has had the privilege of working with over 2000 clients from all walks of life. I can tell you with 100% certainty, we have never had ANYONE who has followed our instructions and didn’t get the results. PERIOD.

We have a culture of hard work and achievement - with no fanfare, shortcuts or "secret" potions and pills.

Our way works,it's as simple as that… PLUS we have lots of fun!

All we ask is that you show up with a good positive attitude and follow our instructions. If you do that, then outcome of you achieving your unique fitness goal and scoring that getaway trip is 100% predictable.

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