Get Your BOOM Back 

ATTN:   Busy Moms  Over 35 Who Want To  Lose Fat, Have More Energy,   Get Into Fantastic Shape and Get Their BOOM Back   In Just 28 Short Days

...Even If  Their  Life is Completely Chaotic ! 


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The  28 Day Kick Start Challenge

Starts Sept 19th in Old North East, St Pete Beach and Tierra Verde *** must be over 35 to qualify

***Spaces Are Limited 

Increase Energy 

Gain Strength 

Where Do You Start and How Do You Fit It All In? 

Well, I'm here to tell you that it's not your fault.

This happens to EVERYONE that is in, or has passed their 30’s, especially moms. Your body is different, things move differently, certain areas feel softer and you don’t have the metabolism or time that you did when you were childless and in your early 20's. Remember being able to stay up all night, eat a pizza and wake up the next morning still looking  and feeling fairly decent? (Raises hand)

 Me, too.

Back then you didn't have to work out as hard, maybe really not at all. THEN, next thing you know, you have kids, responsibilities, a mortgage, some extra fluff around your mid section and butt  and everything you have tried just hasn't worked.

If you can relate to ANY of that, I my have a solution for you...

Learn How To Eat More, Train Less & Get Into Fantastic Shape EVEN If You Are A Busy Mom Over 35

Whether you were directed here from one of our successful clients or you discovered one of our case studies,  I'm grateful to have you here with me today.

My name is Dianne Villano  , Founder of Custom Bodies.  I have been helping  busy moms learn how to eat more, train less and get back into a body they love for over 20 years.  Whether you want to drop  get rid of some extra summer weight gain or just learn how to eat more, train less and fit "fitness" into your chaotic life, you are in the right place.

Tierra Verde & St Pete residents come to me when all else has failed and they’ve reached a breaking point of finally being ready to achieve the body they deserve


I want you to know that improving your health and fitness is 100% your decision... And it's much simpler than you think.

You’ve put yourself on the back burner for a few years taking care of life, taking care of your kids, your spouse and maybe even getting yourself established  in  your career. 

NOW you feel that it's time to work on YOU.

As you know, your body doesn't operate the same way as it did 10 years ago. You have a few extra pounds that don't drop off like they used to (if at all) and the energy to do all that must be done just isn't there any more and you think,


“When the heck did this happen?” 

Or worse,  settle for less than you deserve with, "This is just what happens when you become a mom and get older"

You’ve tried Insanity, joining a gym or some "transformation" program and even some diets and challenges that you saw online such as Paleo, Atkins, Whole 30, 60 squats for 60 days, etc… but nothing stuck. You just ended up right back where you started or maybe even a few pounds heavier. Talk about frustrating!

  • Children under 18 train FREE or can attend  with their moms   

  • Recipe Manual  ($17 Value)  

  •  Complete Getting Started Guide & Success Manual ($47 Value)  

  • How To Fix Your fat Kitchen Manua ($27 Value)  

  • 7 Day Fat Loss Blue Print ($17 Value)  

  • 28 Days of Unlimited Group Personal Training sessions at one of 5 camps in 3 Great Locations ($350 Value)

 THE  #momstrong 28 Day Kick Start Challenge !

For the past 20 years, Custom Bodies has been committed to helping  busy moms  in their 30’s 40’s  & 50s get in the best shape of their lives !

The #momstrong  28 Day Kick Start Challenge was created a to empower women to take charge of their fitness and health by surrounding them with a community of like minded women with similar struggles and teaching them how to eat more, train less, fit it all into chaotic schedules and FINALLY have the bodies they deserve. 

"I had my doubts when I  came in on  the 14 day rapid results program, however I have become a true believer in the program. In 2 weeks, I had already begun seeing results, both physically and mentally. I feel better, make healthier food choices (most of the time), and am excited for every workout. I thoroughly enjoy the group setting and I appreciate the opportunity to develop new friendships with the other group members!" Caren , St Pete 

Here’s How the #momstrong 28 Day Kick Start Challenge works:


Binata  had been dieting and spending hours on ineffective cardio and a few machines at the gym seeing no results when we met. She reached that "frustration" point where she thought "why even bother any more?"

With a few minor dietary changes and effective exercise, She dropped 3 lbs her first week and hasn't looked back except to see her firmer, tighter butt !


Albina (Her daughter) was in the same boat trying "everything" to lose weight with the same frustrating results. A little nutrition education and a few weeks later and BAM, she's down 10 lbs and rocking camp like a champ.

"I can't believe how easy this food plan is. Why doesn't everyone know this?" she said.  

* Increased strength, energy, and stamina

* Lose Carb and sugar cravings 

* Learn my secrets to a faster metabolism to burn more fat all day

* Tighter, flatter abs and a smaller waist

* 5-17 pounds of weight loss

* Get Back Into Your Skinny Jeans (or at least pretty close) 

* Greater confidence and self-esteem

* Eliminate stress, tension and anxiety

  1. Choose the location you’d like to attend , Downtown St Petersburg , St Pete Beach or Tierra Verde   

  2.  Apply To See If You Qualify  

  3.  If accepted, Workout 2- 3 days a week at our fun filled fat burning Group Personal Training Camps  and follow our tasty, done for you food plans 

  4. Follow our science base, results driven programs and completely transform your life and body in 28 short days! 

  5. Gain the knowledge and develop the habits to ensure you maintain your results FOR LIFE !  

Here Are Results Of Moms Just Like YOU :


WHERE: Upham Beach

WHEN:   M/W/Fri 700A (4 Spots Available )

WHERE: NorthShore      (Sat Camp is at 0800 )

WHEN:  Tue/Thurs/Sa 7 00 A (2 Spots Available  )

                   Tue/Thurs/Sa 600 P   (1 Spots Available )


WHERE: Tierra Verde Recreation Complex

WHEN:  M/W/F 830A  (SOLD OUT )

WHERE: Lazarillo Park, St Pete Beach

WHEN     M/Thrs 630P (2 spots Available  )     

"I joined because I was fed up with the ups and downs of extreme dieting. I was scared because I was not sure I could handle the workouts. I lost 6" and 4 lbs during the Holidays !

 I was used to starving myself to lose weight, so at first the meal plan felt like I was cheating. But it is so doable and realistic way to live. It is not a diet… is a meal plan for life!


I have more endurance and I am starting to be able to push my workouts to the next level. I enjoy it so much, my son is now an intern! " Heather S , Tierra Verde, Fl 


 " From a very long distance I was able to participate in a challenge at the beginning of the year  . Through social media and sheer willpower I lost 10 lbs and 13+ inches in 6 weeks.   I work full time with two children (6yr and 18mo boys) and have a husband who is a stubborn former infantry Marine (and very out of shape due to an injury over 3 years ago) and am still going strong with the help of my Fitness St Pete Facebook Community!

The meal plans helped me realize what a proper day should look like with food, and now when I'm stuck in a rut, they give me an easy day's worth of meals to get me back on track.

I've also realized how important it is to work out smart. It isn't just about exercise but about what you put in your body as well... In fact more importantly so.

I used to dread working out but now have it so down, I am now  working out on average 5-6 days a week with quality exercise... And kicking butt when doing so.

If you are living in the St. Pete area, I envy you, because you have a real opportunity to train with her in person.  One day I will get down there and steal a session for myself! " Amber H, Vt. 

  • Programs Designed by a fit pro with 20 years experience transforming over 2000 bodies ($250 value) 

  •  Success Session with Fitness Evaluation, Functional Movement Screen  ($450 value)  

  • Limited Camp Sizes to ensure you get the attention and results you deserve 

  • Members-Only Private Facebook Group – build relationships and lifelong friendships with others working towards similar go 

  • Guided Build Your Own Food Plans ($197 Value)

" I am very pleased to say that by working out only 3 days per week, I have lost 20 pounds, 6% body fat and a total of 19 inches and have muscles in places I never dreamed possible. Now keep in mind that I am no body builder. I am 39 years old and I gave birth to a baby girl in May of last year. I am typically a lazy person with some injuries. " Val L , Tierra Verde Fl

 "My husband and I started the program here in San Diego about 10 days ago and we love it! I don’t know if we doing everything perfectly, but we feel great! I have lost 7 pounds and my husband has lost about 12. But more important, since we started, I have not had any cravings at all!
I even recovered from the “off” day with no problem…something that has rarely happened when I “fell off the wagon”. I am a wife and mother who struggles to work a full time job and pursue a doctorate degree. These days I feel like I can balance it all… I did not feel this way before this program! I felt fat and sad most of the time and had little energy to do anything! Oh… and one more thing… it is girl scout cookie season here in my house… what was I thinking… but I have not had one single craving or one single cookie… we are sending our share to the troops this year! Thanks Dianne for giving me hope, energy and my love of life back!
" Kara B , San Diego, Ca