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St. Petersburg Fl Personal Training Case Study: Karen Smith

Personal Trainer St Petersburg Fl Case Study: Karen Smith: Member Of The Quarter Q 4 2017

After going through a rough patch in her life Karen came to us 15 pounds heavier than she had ever been, feeling terrible in a body riddled with aches and pains. She came into our 21 Day Summer Shape Up Challenge , trusted the process,  has since all but eliminated her aches and pains, increased her energy lost over 20 pounds and her life has completely changed. Watch the video below to hear her inspiring story and check out her profile for more inspiring  details.

At 56, she felt miserable and disappointed in herself 

 I have learned to embrace this as my new lifestyle and not another failed attempt at dieting. I can envision how I will look and feel in the future and that excites and inspires me daily.”

As a personal trainer for over 20 years, I have to say that Karen  is one of the most motivated  people ever to come into one of our St Pete Boot Camp group fitness training programs ! When I say motivated, I mean REALLY motivated. She broke her wrist the day before her challenge started and she came in ready to do what she could. 

St Petersburg Florida Personal Training, Personal Trainers Tierra Verde

Karen  came in tired, achy and having gained 15 pounds after life threw her some challenges .


She was miserable and disappointed in herself but we knew we had the solution she needed. Karen came in, trusted the process and her results were life changing. Not only did she learn how to eat more, train less and achieve a fit healthy body with an active social life, she has developed a whole new relationship with food and exercise.
Losing 20 pounds and over 2 feet of fat is awesome..

Reducing nagging aches and pains is awesome….

But whats even more awesome is what that weight loss does for someone.

When someone’s life is transformed, it can really be a difference maker far beyond the number on the scale.

Karen is always the first to take the newbies under her wing and encourage struggling veterans  and is a source of inspiration to everyone around her ..

I will let Karen tell you the rest …..


Where did you grow up? I was born in Baltimore, Maryland but moved to South Tampa when I was 10. We downsized and moved to Tierra Verde 8 months ago


How long have you been doing a Fitness St Pete Group Personal Training Program and why did you start?  This is my fourth week. I joined a few days before the 21Day Summer Shape Program began. I kept seeing the ads and testimonials pop up on my Facebook feed and I’d save them for “future” reference. I was intrigued that it focused on a more mature age group and is held literally across the street from where I live. For the past year, I had been inconsistent at best with eating healthy and exercise. Additionally, my drinking increased, (mostly red wine), over all those months as I grieved my brother’s unexpected passing and transitioned through house moves, my mother’s needs, husbands job change, and all that life threw at me. I gained 15lbs through it all and just felt terrible and disappointed in myself. Finally, I decided it was time to take care of ME so I picked up the phone, spoke to Dianne and signed up on the spot. She “had me at hello” then and will have me for the next 12 months, too, as I just renewed my membership to continue on.

What kinds of results have you achieved so far?
  I lost 7lbs in the first 3 weeks and can tell some inches, too, by the way I am fitting better in some of my clothes.

St Pete Florida Personal Training, Tierra Verde Personal Trainers

How has your fitness level/health improved since becoming a Fitness St Pete Group Personal Training Member? I feel better overall. My usual aches and pains from inflammation, osteoarthritis and being out of shape have already improved or disappeared completely. My right elbow had been hurting for almost two years straight, and it hasn’t bothered me once since the first day Dianne pressed its trigger point and showed me what to do to address it.


What are the two or three biggest benefits (they don’t have to be fitness related) you’ve experienced since becoming a group fitness training member?  I’ve noticed a huge increase in my energy, my desire and motivation for exercising, eating healthy and getting in shape has become my number one priority and my appetite has decreased immensely as have my cravings.

Please describe how your Fitness St Pete I Tierra Verde Group Fitness Training Program has specifically helped you achieve success with your fitness level, fitness goals or health. It has already provided me the foundation to get some immediate results with a growth plan to help me realize my ultimate future goals. I have learned to embrace this as my new lifestyle and not another failed attempt at dieting. I can envision how I will look and feel in the future and that excites and inspires me daily.


Favorite Fitness St Pete I Tierra Verde group training exercise? I really enjoy our PIYO days and exercises that we partner up on.

Least favorite Fitness St Pete I Tierra Verde group training exercise?
Crab walking! Remember, I am from Maryland and that’s where CRABS belong!

St Petersburg Florida personal training, Tierra Verde Personal Trainers

How has your program compared with your expectations? It has exceeded my expectations and offers greater value than just exercise. I didn’t expect it to provide such in depth tools, meal plans, inspiration and educational materials. I am even more impressed with the individualized attention and consultation that is given by Dianne. Her well-earned experience, passion and dedication is incomparable and I am grateful for every ounce of what I learn from her.

Hobbies/Interests outside of camp? Boating, football, creative activities, family and friend time.

What would you say to someone on the fence about making a change & committing to their goals?
Don’t put it off! Each day that you do, it can take years off of your life. I am doing this because I want to add years into my life!

If you’ve been inspired by Karen’s story and want to learn more, click the button below.

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Committed To Your Success And Awesomeness,
Dianne Villano – Your Personal Fitness & Body Transformation Expert


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