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6 Tips To Get Back On Track Post “summer” Schedules

TIP TUESDAY from YOUR  St Pete Personal Trainer

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Happy Tuesday from your personal trainers here at Fitness St Pete and Tierra Verde Fitness!

It’s been crazy busy here at Fitness St Pete I Tierra Verde Fitness with everyone flooding in after summer schedules end with kids going back to school and folks resuming their  “normal” routines after months of travel and chaos. As a female personal trainer , I want to talk to you for a minute about something I’ve noticed tends to impact the moms a bit more than dads. (Although we do have more than a few super dads  with us).


Oddly, It’s also been a time where our normally on point and on track group fitness training members are getting derailed by extra activities and said change in schedules so, go figure.


Whether you are part of the “back to your normal routine” group or part of the “totally derailed” group NOW is the perfect time to get back on track .


Between all of the success sessions I’ve been doing with with new members wanting to get on track and desk dates I’ve been doing with our struggling members, I’ve noticed some recurrent themes so wanted to take a few minutes to cover some of our best strategies,  quick and easy recipes and tools to get you focused and back on track.

female personal trainer st petersburg florida, Tierra Verde Personal Training

1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up


You don’t need to get back from vacation and “work off” what you ate. You don’t need to do two hour cardio sessions or mentally abuse yourself with negative thoughts about how you should have done things differently. There is absolutely nothing positive that will come of this behavior so don’t go there.

2. Do A Short Detox & Reboot –

As you most likely know, I don’t believe in juice cleanses or crazy restrictive detoxes for the long term but I do like a quick blood sugar and body chemistry reset every now and again (especially after a lengthy hiatus from supportive eating). This is basically just a push for your body to rid itself of extra bloat, give your digestive system a rest, balance out body chemistry and hormones and get blood sugar and cravings  under control . You can grab a copy of our 3 Day Detox free HERE along with more tips to reset your body after pro longed poor eating habits. Our members love it and get amazing benefits and I think you will too!

female personal trainer st petersburg florida, tierra verde personal training
female personal trainer st petersburg florida, tierra verde personal training

3. Get back into a routine. For a lot of people, summer days = lazy days. It’s all too easy to let healthy habits slide in the summertime. Between travel and extra socializing, it can lead to some not-so-stellar food choices and habits. Here is a quick list of the “fit people” habits we have our private clients and group training members work on incorporating into their lifestyles.

  1. Get to bed a bit earlier
  2. Organize your days ahead of time to avoid last minute scrambling
  3. Plan weekly meals
  4. Pick one day out of the week to shop and prep meals for the week
  5. Eat Breakfast
  6. Don’t skip meals
  7. Commit to weekly workouts with a friend to keep you accountable and put them on your calendar like any other important appointment


4. Take a little time each night to pre-plan (and pre pack) the next day.

Decide what you will wear so you aren’t scrambling last minute leaving no time for breakfast

Think about what you will eat for breakfast and what you can do to prepare it the night before. For example: a lot of our group personal training members  pre-make oatmeal or  smoothie fixins, pre-set the coffee maker and set up pots or pans.

Check your schedule  and gather what you’ll need to bring with you as you head out the door: gym bag, lunch, paperwork.

Spend some time alone to breathe deeply, meditate, ponder, review your goals, or read.

Commit to weekly workouts with a friend or program that keeps you accountable and put it into your calender like any other important appointment.

Re set your goals & habits – If you don’t have it, you can grab our 7 Day Fat Loss Blue Print HERE to give you a day by day, step by step action plan to get into a fat blasting routine. It’s free as a thank you for being a motivated action taker and being here with me today.

female personal trainer st petersburg florida

5. Back On Track Success Tips!

-Hide tempting foods – We have our members put all of their kid’s food in a separate cabinet, out of sight

-Fill half of each  plate with veggies – We teach our clients to fill half their plate with veggies, 3/4 of that with protein and the last 1/4 with their complex carb

-Try new recipes – 

This Chicken Fajita Recipe is one of our most popular, quick, easy and tasty fat blasting recipes and these Mexican Chicken Skewers W/Guac are perfect to make in bulk for quick lunches !


6. Remind Yourself How You Feel When You Are Off Track & Remind Yourself Who You Re Doing It For  – 

    Have THAT conversation with yourself and answer that painful question “how do I feel when I am off track and how does it         effect my family when I am  not setting a good example, tired and not the best version of myself?  “

Not getting back on track NOW could lead to a dangerous slippery slope into the fall & winter months. Be strong, vibrant, fit and full of energy.

It’s time to start. Not sure how? Our Fat Loss & Food Planning Work Shop “How To Create A Fat Loss Food Plan in 4 Simple Steps” Aug 26th may be just what you need. What you will learn in this workshop will revolutionize the way you look at food AND eating for your BEST BODY . 

To It’s designed to  give you all the tools you need to learn the truth about creating tasty and healthy fat loss food plans that your family will love, won’t have you spending hours in the kitchen and won’t leave you hungry .. without ever counting a single calorie :) You can  click HERE to register and grab your spot.

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