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St Pete Personal Training I 8 Tips To Avoid Holiday Week End Weight Gain

Personal Trainer Tips To Get Through The Long Holiday Week End Without Weight Gain

St Pete’s Best Personal Trainers  here at Fitness St Pete/Tierra Verde Fitness  are on  a mission to get St Pete and Tierra Verde men and women over 40 into bodies that look and feel their  best this summer.


As a fitness trainer and weight loss coach who has helped over 2000 people reach their goals and live in bodies that look and feel amazing, I have done a LOT of success sessions  in August and September with people trying to figure out how they got where they are in terms of their fitness and bodies.


I am going to lay a truth bomb on you right now: there is NO secret, it all boils down to basic math and small actions compounding over time. Did you know that losing 10 lbs (that’s 35,000 worth of calories ) can take anywhere from 1-3 months. This means you will have to exercise and eat right until October  just to lose the 10 or so pounds most people gain during the summer ON TOP OF the original weight they started the year wanting to lose.


I don’t want you to be one of those people who come to me in Sept stressed out because of summer weight

gain so I want to give you some strategies and recipes to get you through this summer and the long holiday week end in a body that looks and feels amazing instead of overweight, uncomfortable and wishing you had made better choices.


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The Fourth of July is my FAVORITE holiday for many reasons! The first being the celebration of this amazing country.


Another reason I love the Fourth of July is because it falls during the summer months where the nights are longer and we have extra day light hours to enjoy all that our amazing city of St Petersburg has to offer.



For me the Fourth of July has always been an enjoyable holiday because it is a holiday without expectations or stress (except for Zoe, fireworks totally stress her out and living a few blocks from the city’s fireworks display doesn’t help).


This week end is about getting together with friends and family, enjoying each

other’s company and celebrating all that our amazing country has to offer. It doesn’t hurt that some delicious summer foods are involved:-)


Your Fourth of July menu can still be supportive of your health and fitness goals.  I am here to tell you that the holiday can leave you feeling nourished physically, mentally, and emotionally without guilt or needing to “start over” on Monday. (or as is the case this year “Wednesday”)


There are plenty of nutrient dense foods that fit with a Fourth of July get together that you and everyone else will enjoy and plenty of strategies to keep you on track.




If you are not already on a fitness program, Start exercising NOW!!! I mean, right this minute –   No, I am not crazy. Exercise will help curb your appetite with mood enhancing endorphins and help you stay focused and on track with your food intake. It will also help you burn off extra calories you may consume. There is a link to our most popular “Week End Warrior Workout” below . You can bang it out in 15-30 minutes at home, with no equipment :)


Avoid the All or nothing  mentality- Don’t  go into the week end  like a crazy person with the intention of having an all out pig fest . Pick a  food you wouldn’t normally eat and add it to each  meal. If you are REALLY motivated, stick to your normal food plan and pick one meal to add one off food or drink.


Make a plan – have a plan on how much you are going to eat and drink before you head out. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, which makes it that much easier to justify a third helping of food even if you aren’t hungry.


Pick your “poison” – If you are going to a party or out to dinner, pick 1… alcohol, bread or desert but not all three! Alcohol calories can add up quickly (usually 200 per glass of wine or mixed drink if it doesn’t include soda or juice)


Start the day with a  high protein meal like eggs or greek yogurt.  This will speed up your metabolism for the day and keep you fuller and less hungry throughout the day. On the week ends, I am a HUGE breakfast person and generally inhale a 3 egg omelet with fruit, some bacon and an english muffin after my workouts. This keeps me full and satisfied for lunch which I usually also eat out.


Focus on What’s important – 4th of July  is more than food and alcohol. It is a holiday to celebrate the thirteen colonies claiming  their independence from England which eventually led to the formation of the United States. … Focus on what’s important… friends, family and our ancestors who fought for our  and all of the awesomeness that are the freedoms we enjoy.


Eat Slowly – This is applicable any time any place but more-so during long holiday week ends when meals generally consist of much more calorically dense foods and a lot of alcohol. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to register that you are full. Take a breath, talk to your table mates and focus on what’s truly important.


“No, thank you, I’m not hungry” – people often want to show their holiday spirit with food or, worse, want a partner in gluttony crime to make themselves feel better about their own choices. Use these 6 words regularly and often and I guarantee you will be proud of the way you look in your Holiday pictures instead of grimacing over the bloated images staring back at you.

Citrus Marinated Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Lemon Drop Chicken Wings (from your favorite trainers here at Fitness St Pete I Tierra Verde Fitness)

Mexican Chicken Skewers W/Quac


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Have an amazing week end,

Dianne Villano, Your Personal Fitness & Body Transformation Expert

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