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Fitness Training And Group Classes I Member Spotlight Rachael Pathe

Member Of The Month June & Resolution Reboot Challenge 2017 Winner: Rachael Pathe 

St Pete Fitness Training, Group Classes St Petersburg, Personal Trainers Tierra Verde

 Over 40 Ready To Reclaim Her Body Stay At Home Mom 

“I have been trying
to do this on my own for over 6 years. I have accomplished more in 6
weeks  with my Fitness St Pete Fitness Training Program than I have in 6 years”


As a personal trainer for over 20 years, I have to say, Rachael  is one of the most determined people ever to come into one of our St Pete Boot Camp group fitness training programs !


Having read everything she could get her hands on and trying every new trend, she was left with a body that had injuries and a history of programs that worked … until they didn’t.


Rachael came to Fitness St Pete I Tierra Verde Fitness for our Resolution Reboot Spring Detox Challenge in April with a determination that was rivaled only by the number underlying injuries and muscle dysfunction.


When I say determined, I mean REALLY determined … eye of the tiger Rocky fighting the Russian level of determination. She started out by doing EVERY mental and physical exercise given to her.  Of the 28 Days of her challenge, she traveled almost half of them and still made it work. When her schedule wouldn’t permit her to make it

to her “regular” group, she traveled to Tierra Verde to get her workouts in.  When most people would have been seeing reasons why they “couldn’t”, she found ways she “could”.


I will let you hear the rest from Rachael herself!

St Pete Fitness Training, Group Classes St Petersburg, Personal Trainers Tierra Verde

Where did you grow up? Panama City, FL


Tell us an interesting or unusual fact about yourself.  In 1992 I knew I wanted to meet and speak to Jane Goodall one day and facilitate one of her Roots and Shoots groups for kids. It took over 20 years to accomplish these goals, which seemed impossible at the time.

Don’t ever give up on your dreams, do what it takes to make them happen and make them worth every year it took for you to get there.

How long have you been doing a

Fitness St Pete I Tierra Verde Fitness program and why did you start? 6 weeks, I started after seeing my friend Leanne’s amazing results and hearing how much better she felt after starting this program.

St Pete Fitness Training, Group Classes St Petersburg, Personal Trainers Tierra Verde

How has your fitness level/health improved since becoming a Fitness St Pete Group Personal Training Member? I am stronger, I know how to eat even healthier and am more fit (without injuries) than I have been in years.


What kinds of results have you achieved so far? I have lost inches and

am becoming stronger (doing more push ups, plank is not as shaky as it was and the caterpillar crawl warm up is no longer shaky or painful), all without fear of injuring myself. My clothes are no longer tight and are starting to get loose.


What are the two or three biggest benefits (they don’t have to be fitness related) you’ve experienced since becoming a group fitness training member? Learning how to eat to build muscle without starving myself. Working out more efficiently and without this fear of hurting myself.


How has your program compared with your expectations? It has exceeded my expectations. I truly enjoy the program.


Please describe how your Fitness St Pete I Tierra Verde Group Fitness Training Program has specifically helped you achieve success with your fitness level, fitness goals or health : I ate healthy and was very active but 15 mile bike rides and miles and miles of walking were doing nothing to change my status quo, they were just making me hungrier.

These work outs leave me feeling amazing (even when I go into them with a headache or tired) and not starving. I don’t feel like I have to work out 6 days a week, 3-4 is more than enough to get results when you are doing it right.

I have tried multiple programs where I have walked away with a lesson learned but not with significant results or lifestyle changes.


What I have learned over the past 6 weeks is doable, not unrealistic. I now know I am capable of avoiding gluten 90% of the time. The other 10% when I can have what I want reminds me that I don’t necessarily want all that I did before. Some of it…heck yes I still want it (like dark chocolate :), but I am not craving it every night. I have also learned that I can strength train in spite of some previous injuries and that is what I am most excited about.


I like that someone is keeping me in check not to overdo it and that I don’t have to workout to the point of driving my appetite through the roof.

Personal Training St. Petersburg , Tierra Verde Personal Training

Favorite Fitness St Pete I Tierra Verde group training exercise? High knees and bridges.

Least favorite Fitness St Pete I Tierra Verde group training exercise? It will be

Hobbies/Interests outside of camp? Backpacking, camping, kayaking, hiking, playing piano and Native American


If you want to be like Rachael and  take the stress and guess work out of  achieving a body that looks and feels it’s best without crash diets, pills that make you jittery, torturous fitness programs or nasty and expensive shakes, Our 21 Day Summer Shape Up Challenge starting July 10th may be for you.

It’s going to give you 3 weeks of done for you food plans that won’t leave you hungry or spending hours in the kitchen, easy and tasty recipes your whole family will love and it’s going to teach you how to eat more, train less and turn your body into a fat burning machine while giving you the direction, support and accountability you need!

It starts July 10th  and spaces are limited. CLICK >> HERE << to see if you qualify for one of 10 spots. (you must be over 40 and a Tierra Verde or St Petersburg Resident)

St Pete Personal Trainer, fitness programs

Committed To Your Success And Awesomeness,
Dianne Villano – Your Personal Fitness & Body Transformation Expert

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