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How To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories Or Being Hungry

Weight Loss Programs St Petersburg Fl, Tierra Verde Personal Trainers

How To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories or Being Hungry

HAPPY SPRING from your Go To Personal Trainers for busy men and women over 40 in St Petersburg & Tierra Verde !


In 20 years as a personal trainer and 10 years before that in other aspects of the industry running fitness and

weight loss programs, of the biggest reasons I’ve seen for people being unable to follow through on reaching their weight loss or fitness goals is the belief that they have to “count calories” or follow a structured “diet”  to be successful.


If you want to spend the rest of your life counting calories or jumping from diet to diet hoping you will find the “magic” one that will keep the weight off you do NOT want to read this.  Otherwise, read on.


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EXCHANGES & The 90/20 RULE are THE KEYS to losing more weight without counting calories, being hungry or giving up your favorite foods.


For years I been saying that  Americans are overweight because of “portion distortion” & a bad relationship with food. We have become such an “on a diet” “off a diet” “good food”/ “bad food” society that we  have lost all grip on the reality of what constitutes an actual single serving of a food or what a nutritionally balanced food plan even looks like.  


Aside from portion distortion and overly restrictive diets, not all calories are created equal. Different macronutrients are processed by the body differently and chemical and preservatives also impact the way a “calorie” is processed.

Weight Loss Programs St Petersburg Fl, Tierra Verde Personal Trainers

If you have done one of our challenges or  have bought  The Ultimate Fat Blasting Cook Book, you will notice the line “Exchanges per serving” under each recipe. This is simply the number of servings from each food group comprising your recipe. (Since all not calories are created equal, this is a more meaningful and easier way to “count calories”) . It will allow you to customize the program to your individual lifestyle,

budget and taste and will teach you portion control and how to create healthy, balanced food plans for life.

Learning exchanges and following the 90/10 rule is the key to never having to count calories again while continuing to achieve and maintain results. It will also allow you to eat virtually anything you want for the rest of your life without fear or guilt, it’s as simple as that. 


Weight Loss Programs St Petersburg Fl, Tierra Verde Personal Trainers, Tierra Verde Personal Trainer

Exchanges: What they are & how to use them to lose weight and keep it off for ever.

If you master this 90 % of  the time and eat the right amounts of fat blasting, nutrient dense foods , the other 10%  won’t matter and you will be living in a body that looks and feels better than it has in years (maybe ever) .

“Serving” defined: A serving isn’t just the amount you put on your plate. A serving is really a specific amount of food, defined by common measurements such as cups, ounces or pieces.


“Portions” are simply the number of servings from each of the Food Groups that you are allocated each day to achieve your fitness goals. (ie; lose fat, gain muscle, maintain your healthy weight, improve sports performance)


Here is a list of the “best” (fat blasting, nutrient dense) foods in each of your groups along with HOW MUCH equals a single serving. 

You will want to eat the foods on this list 90 % of the time and you can eat whatever you like the other 10 %. Most of our personal training clients and group fitness training members follow their food plans 5 1/2 days and enjoy their favorite foods 1 day and 1 meal per week.


Pay particular attention to the actual SERVING size of each item. You may be in for quite a surprise.

best weight loss programs st petersburg fl , Personal training near Tierra Verde


These are your highest protein per calorie food.
It is ok (and encouraged) to eat a double portion of any of these (with the exception of eggs)

  • 7 egg whites 21 g Pro
  • 2 eggs whole 12 g Pro + 1 Fa
  • oz chicken breast 24 g Pro
  • 4 oz turkey breast                                           26 g Pro
  • 2 oz top round steak (very lean red meat)  18 g Pro + 1 Fa
  • 3 oz salmon (fresh or canned )                       20 g
  • 3 oz tuna (fresh or canned)                            23 g Pro
  • 3 oz tilapia and other white fish (lean fish)  23 g Pro
  • ½ C greek yogart                                            20 g Pro
  • Whey Protein, no sugar added                      25-30g Pro < 5g Carbs

**NOTE: Check labels as the nutrition on greek yogurts vary greatly. This number is from Chobani Vanilla which I use.

weight loss programs st petersburg fl , tierra Verde Personal Training

FRUITS: (fresh or frozen)

Serving size: ½ or ½ C

  • raspberries
  • blackberries
  • blueberries
  • melons
  • apples
weight loss programs st petersburg fl , Tierra Verde Personal Trainers
weight loss programs st petersburg fl, tierra verde personal trainers
weight loss programs st petersburg fl, tierra verde personal trainer

VEGGIES:  (fresh or frozen) 

Serving size: 1 C raw, ½ C cooked

  • spinach
  • kale
  • broccoli
  • brussels Sprouts
  • asparagus
  • peppers (green or red)
  • tomatoes (yes, iIknow technically its a fruit)
  • squash


Serving size: ½ c or ½

  • old fashioned rolled or steel cut oatmeal (unsweetened)
  • yams or sweet potatoes
  • beans, peas and legumes
  • quinoa (and other less common grains – spelt, amaranth, etc) ** 1 serving is ¼ C
  • corn tortillas
  • pop corn (kernal, air popped or stove top) ** 1 serving is 4 C popped
  • bread made with non wheat (no added sugar)  ** 1 serving is 1 slice

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Serving Size: 1 tsp unless otherwise listed

  • olive Oil
  • almonds, 8
  • pistachios, 16
  • walnuts, 2 or 4 halves
  • avocado, ¼
  • butter  *** limit to no more than 2 servings/day

*** Avoid :  salad dressings especially “diet” which are loaded with fat storing, hormone ruining ingredients like processed sugars and preservatives.

***Substitute : fresh spices, Olive Oil & balsamic vinegar

Now that you have the basics, you are ready for  How To Create A Healthy Weight Loss Plan in 4 Easy Steps. 

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Personal Trainers St. Petersburg FL, Tierra Verde Personal Training

Committed To Your Success & Awesomeness,

Dianne Villano, Your Personal Body Shaping Expert

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P.S. Hearing from our readers is one of the best parts of my day. Drop a comment if you have any questions or just to let me know what you think about this or let me know a topic you want me to write about!


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