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How To Fix A Slow Metabolism in 5 Easy Steps

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How To Fix Your Slow Metabolism In 5 Easy Steps 

Happy Spring from your go to Personal Trainers here at Fitness St Pete I Tierra Verde Fitness !

As a personal trainer and weight loss coach in Florida  for over 20 years, I don’t think I’ve gone a day without someone asking me about weight loss workouts or the “secret” to losing weight.


More often than not, the topic of conversation at our group fitness training camps is “slowing metabolisms”.

IF you are like most women over 30 or men over 40 , the words “I can’t lose weight because of my slow metabolism” or “I’ve done everything and I just can’t lose weight” have probably come out of your mouth at least once and probably more than once :)


Being a woman over 45 myself (I just turned 49),  I can promise you that fixing a slow metabolism is much easier than you might think and it doesn’t involve hours of tedious cardio, “eating well”, starving yourself or working out 6 days a week.

Personal Trainers St Petersburg Fl, Tierra Verde Personal Training

If you’ve been around a while, you know our mantras are “Eat Smarter Not Less” , “Train Smarter Not More” and you might have even seen the seemingly impossible results from the raving fans in our  St Pete Group Fitness Programs.

Weight Loss Workouts St Petersburg Fl 

In the last 10 years, research has shown us three very important

things about eating and exercising for fat loss and increasing metabolism.


There are simple ways to rev up your metabolism  so that you can eat more, train less and look better than you have in years(Maybe Ever). Right now, I’m going to let you in on the “secrets” of how our private clients and group fitness training members drop a dress size every 3-4 weeks training 2-4 times a week and eating their favorite foods.


STEP 1: Stop obsessing  about how many calories the machine or ap says you’ve burned during your workout. It’s all about MAXIMUM calorie burn and EPOC if you want to speed up your metabolism and burn more fat with less workout time.

Personal Trainers St Petersburg Fl, Tierra Verde Personal Training

STEP 2:  Get off the Elliptical, treadmills and steppers for good and stop with the hour long walks and endless running and biking. 


If you want to get rid of that stubborn fat from your butt, thighs and arms, lose those last 10 -15 lbs and speed up your metabolism, you MUST STOP with the steady state cardio immediately and pick up some weights (or your body weight).

This means no more walking on treadmills or outside, elipticals or steppers, period. Conventional aerobic exercises are not very effective ways to lose weight and will train your body to STORE fat on top of inhibiting your fat burning hormones.

Personal Trainers St Petersburg Fl, ,Tierra Verde Personal Training

STEP 3:  Switch out those long, boring hours of steady state cardio for fat blasting high intensity interval training.

High Intensity Interval Training can help you burn more fat by increasing your metabolic rate, even after your workout has finished. (EPOC).

Partner Squat/High Knees are One Of Our Fav HIIT Exercises

According to A study conducted by Wilson et al. From the University of Tampa, FL, “When you add in low intensity steady state cardio you get a temporary boost in weight loss. Subjects lost a couple of pounds the first week and after that they lost nothing. This happened because their metabolism completely adjusted to that and that became their new set point to what they had to do just to maintain. Steady state cardio with a low calorie diet is terrible for fat loss and could cause muscle loss. During a low calorie diet, steady state cardio is more catabolic (muscle wasting) towards muscle as opposed to High Intensity Interval training being much more muscle sparing.”

Wilson, et al. Concurrent Training: A Meta Analysis Examining Interference of Aerobic and Resistance Exercise. University of Tampa, FL. J Strength Conditioning.

Weight Loss Workouts St Petersburg Fl 
Another great study from ncbi explains why we ONLY do interval type training with most of our clients. In the case of our weight loss workouts , body weight and resistance exercises take the place of the slower paced cardio which gives us more bang for our time adding metabolism boosting, butt lifting, strength building, looking better naked resistance training.


Doing hours and hours of ”cardio” each week is a great way to go nowhere in your fat loss program while wasting a lot of time and most likely incurring injury. .

Weight Loss Workouts St Petersburg Fl 
Unless you have nothing better to do with yourself than spend 5 plus hours a week working out with minimal results , (which, long term lead to joint damage on top of fat storage) there are far more effective ways to reach your goals.

Weight Loss Workouts St Petersburg Fl

STEP  4:  Lift Heavy Things and Use More Muscles: 


Lifting your body weight or heavier weights using total body movements leads to urning more calories after the workout when compared to old school lifting programs or cranking out rep after rep with a light weight. (and you don’t need fancy equipment or a gym membership to do it)

The more muscles you use during an exercise, the more calories you burn during your workout and after. A study of women showed that when they used heavier weights and lower reps for compound movements, they burned more calories in the hours after training. This is called EPOC. (Exercise post oxygen consumption)
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Kneeling Chest Presses are one of our favorite fat blasting, body sculpting exercises!

best weight loss programs st petersburg fl , Personal training near Tierra Verde

Step 5:  Eat To Burn More Fat  – 

The thermic effect of food tells us that all calories are NOT created equal. While it is important to have a basic idea what you are putting into your

body, what’s MORE important are the TYPE of calories you are putting into your body. More Protein and whole foods, plenty of monounsaturated fats and limiting processed foods is a great place to start to turn your body into a fat burning machine !


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Weight Loss Workouts St Petersburg Fl

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I look forward to helping you be the best YOU can be !


Committed To Your Success & Awesomeness

Dianne Villano , Your Over 40 Body Transformation Expert


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