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Personal Trainer Tips For Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

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St Pete Personal Trainer Reveals How To Beat The Drop Out Odds 

As a personal trainer and fitness 

consultant for over 20 years, I’ve seen the same patterns repeating year after year. New Year’s is often the time when people celebrate new beginnings and are setting fresh goals and plans for the year ahead. … and goals are important for sure. So much so that I’ve developed our signature Best Year Ever Goal Setting workshop to share the strategies that make 99% of our members successful in reaching their goals while 92% of people quit long before reaching theirs.


We’ve all seen it; the gyms and running paths are packed as millions of people pledge to make 2017 the year to “lose weight” or “get in shape” or “eat healthier”. Our Battle The Holiday Bulge Series was so popular, I’m going to get your year started off right with a “How To Beat The Drop Out Odds” series. Today I want to share with you another challenge people face and give you the tips to over come them.   Next Tuesday, I will be back with more so be sure to subscribe to our Facebook Page so  you don’t miss it.

The problem is, statistically, only 8% of all people who set these New Year resolutions actually keep them! If you are part of the 8% CONGRATULATIONS ! If not, keep reading.


While goals and resolutions are well-intentioned, sadly, all the hype surrounding these promises, make it easy to get caught up in them without really taking them seriously. In fact, within 6 weeks, many people will quit, more than half will quit within 6 months and fewer than 8 % of people who begin an exercise program will still exercising by the end of the year.

For the other 92%, great intentions are quickly reduced to “next Monday” and then quickly to “someday.”

One of the biggest keys to the success of our personal training clients and group fitness  training  members is that we  set them up to commit to one single push for 12 weeks instead of a GIANT 12 month goal. While our transformation challenges only  last 3 – 6 weeks, part of their program is to set 12 week goals which ensures they beat the drop out odds. 
It’s amazing what can be accomplished in 12 weeks. Three months is a long enough period to make real, focused progress… but not too long where you’ll get bored and lose interest.


This is actually the way athletes train: it’s something called periodization. Their annual program is divided into shorter bursts of focused effort to maximize results.

Fitness trainer St. Petersburg
I am proud to announce that in 2017, 99% of the folks who started with us in our group fitness camps are still happily working out and getting stronger, fitter and more energized and by the end of next week,  and I am going to give you all of the “secrets” that kept them motivated and on track.


The How To Beat The Drop Out Odds Blog Series is committed to helping you be in the 8% this year by focusing on the biggest mistakes I have seen in the past 20 years and giving you solutions to over come them !

Be aware of these mistakes and how to over come them and I guarantee you will be one of those who is living in a body you LOVE and strutting your stuff instead of starting next year with another “resolution”
. Even better, follow these tips and I guarantee you will be looking at a fitter, stronger body come March instead of looking around for a “diet” to get ready for summer :)

Fitness trainer St Petersburg

Fitness trainer St Petersburg

WEEK ONE: The Critical Week

Fitness trainer St Petersburg

MISTAKE: Over training – many injuries and most exercise dropouts can be attributed to this cause. The first week of any fitness program has an extremely high drop out rate. Attempting too much too soon leads to soreness, fatigue and/or injuries. There is a difference between being injured and being sore. Slight muscle soreness is to be expected after a work out when you are first beginning a program.

SOLUTION: Start slowly and listen to your body. Always warm up,  cool down and stretch properly to prevent soreness and injury.

Fitness trainer St Petersburg

Work at your own level and gradually increase duration and intensity. Be wary of trainers and exercise classes that tout the benefits of “no pain no gain” and that push you past your level of comfort. Don’t lift weights that seem too heavy  or do exercises that you don’t feel comfortable with. Think “Comfort Zone”

Fitness trainer St Petersburg

MISTAKE : Inexperience – it is natural to feel awkward and unsure at this point. It is completely natural to have questions about exercises, often to do them, how hard to train, what and when to eat, what to wear etc.

Fitness trainer St Petersburg
SOLUTION: There are many sources available to you and many of them are based on hype, trends and sales

rather than science , effectiveness and safety.  Even worse, many “fitness experts” out there are sorely under educated and in the business to capitalize on your ” pain points” rather than for love of  helping people transform their lives and create bodies that look and feel amazing !
Read up on the subject, consult a fitness professional or find a blog from a trustworthy fitness professional instead of  falling prey to a quick sales pitch or catchy before and after shots.  Look at references and the overall experience of the client with whom they have worked. Another important thing to look for is how LONG a client has been with a particular trainer. If all of their “testimonials” are from clients who have been there a month or 3, chances are it’s not a program conducive to your long term results.
Fitness trainer St Petersburg

No one will fault you for wanting to get the most out of your workout and asking a question is much less painful than the injury and waste of time you could suffer or time you could waste by not asking. Most exercise videos will include additional information pamphlets or explanatory portions at the beginning of the workout .

Fitness trainer St Petersburg

Just because someone has the chest, butt or shoulders you covet, does not mean they know what they are doing or that what they are doing is appropriate for you. One thing I can tell you for FACT is that many of those folks look the way they do DESPITE what they are doing not because of it.

Fitness trainer St Petersburg

As to what constitutes a “professional” or “expert”, I will be writing a substantial blog on this topic soon since  I spend 90% of my time debunking popular myths and perpetuated “gym science” repeated  from a popular book or “fitness expert” .

Fitness trainer St Petersburg

Fitness trainer St Petersburg , Weight Loss, Personal Training St Pete

MISTAKE:  Procrastination – Some people like to get their workouts out of the way first thing in the morning. Others such as myself, are simply  not morning people and look forward to evening workouts as a way to bust work day stress.

Stopping home to have a snack change clothes, feed the

goldfish etc is likely to land you caught up with “life” rather than doing your workout so it’s best to pack your workout clothes and a quit snack and head straight to the gym or your group fitness camp straight from work if you are going to do it after work.

Fitness trainer St Petersburg

Another common trap if  you work out in the morning or evening is the ” I’ll just do it twice as long tomorrow” habit as you skip your workout to grab a few rounds with your friends at Happy Hour or hit the snooze button.

Fitness trainer St Petersburg

SOLUTION : Choose the time that’s right for you. Do not try to fight your internal clock. Schedule your workout just as you would any other important appointment. This will enable you to achieve balance between your work, social family and fitness activities.


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Fitness trainer St Petersburg, Weight loss, Personal training St. Pete

Committed To Your Success & Awesomeness,

Dianne Villano, Your Personal Body Shaping Expert

Fitness St Pete I Tierra Verde Fitness

P.S. Hearing from our readers is one of the best parts of my day. Drop a comment if you have any questions or just to let me know what you think about this!

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