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How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain: Secret 6

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St Pete Personal Trainer SECRET 6 : DON’T WAIT TO START 

Happy  Sunday   from your St Pete Personal Trainer and Transformation Expert & WELCOME BACK  to my
 Battle The Holiday Bulge and WIN Series.

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There are 14  days left of 2017 and you can pack on a lot of pounds if you aren’t careful .. and if you start NOW, you can make a lot of progress either maintaining or actually losing a few pounds.  Donna, Suzanne and Ellen started with our Train Free For December Program exactly 2 weeks ago today and have ALL dropped a few pounds of bloat, crud and belly bulge. They did it by utilizing the “Don’t Wait To Start” approach.


Okay, so, I can hear you now ……“Yes, Dianne.. I know that I need to find the time to exercise and I have a hard enough time during normal times but during the Holidays it is all but impossible!


I get up at 0 dark thirty, get the kids off to school, get myself off to work, work all day …. by the time I get home it is time to cart the kids around to their activities before trying to feed everyone …. Add to that holiday shopping, parties, company and travel . How in the heck am I supposed to “find time to exercise ??”

Weight Loss St Petersburg, Fl

We all know that the average American gains 7-12 pounds between Halloween and New Year’s. We also know that it usually starts on Halloween.  For most people, Thanksgiving  typically begins the toughest part of the season.  Hopefully,  my Signature Holiday Survival Kit, blog posts and e mails and Facebook lives have helped you to stay on track and you are taking advantage of the free 24/7 support over at Transform St Pete.


 If you’re like most of our Private Clients and Group Fitness Members, endless Holiday parties and jam packed schedules full of shopping, holiday travel and the myriad of other commitments that come with this time of year make things tough.  Maybe it even caused you to just give up planning to “start a diet” on New Years.

Weight Loss St Petersburg, Fl

For those not already on a fitness or weight loss program, it also also starts “It’s the holiday season, I will start my diet on the first of the year” itis. Well, we all know how that works out, don’t we?

St Petersburg, Holiday Fitness Tips, Personal Trainer, Weight Loss

If you haven’t started a fitness program yet, why wait ? Why not give yourself the gift of arriving in 2018 in a body you LOVE ?


It IS  actually possible to enjoy the Holidays and I’m going to help you by ramping up the secrets and tips to several a week instead of once a week to get you through the toughest stretch of the year.

Weight Loss St Petersburg, Fl
You just  have to decide that it is important to you and that you do not like the way you feel after over indulging, under exercising and arriving in the New Year busting out of your clothes looking at starting a new diet.

We can always make time for that which is important to us. Judging by the number of new members who joined us for our Hot For The Holidays Challenge, sometimes it just takes a little direction and structure. Now, don’t get me wrong.. you don’t need to go to a trainer to enjoy the Holidays without weight gain but you do need a little guidance and planning. I will make certain to keep the tips and strategies rolling in for the next 4 weeks to keep you on track but you need to make the commitment that your health and your body are worth 2 or 3 hours a week.

Weight Loss St Petersburg, Fl

Let’s put it this way… there are 168 hours in a week. Realistically, all but the ultra fit will only need 2 or 3 hours A WEEK to keep off the pounds, keep the energy up, keep the stress down and to keep going towards the body you want instead of towards the start of a diet on Jan 1. Last year, 95% of our clients were able to stick with their fitness and weight loss programs  during the Holidays and 99% made it through without weight gain and all of our Hot For The Holidays Challengers are on track to arrive in the New Year with ZERO weight gain – some are actually LOSING weight and feeling fabulous.

Weight Loss St Petersburg, Fl

It just takes a little planning and foresight. As we go through the next 3 weeks, I will certainly pepper you frequently with secrets and strategies to get through these trying times but it all starts with keeping up with a fitness program. You may need to modify your current program to adjust for scheduling changes but it can be done. Realistically, EVERYONE can find 2 – 3 hours a week to get their fit on.

Weight Loss St Petersburg, Fl

First thing, bag the gym. You can save a ton of time and get a perfectly effective fat burning program without a gym. … You can just as easily: do box jumps on stairs you have  in your home, or step up and down on a single step, do jumping jacks,  jump rope or do Burpee intervals  for 20 minutes to burn fat and keep your energy up and your stress down.

Weight Loss St Petersburg, Fl

Many people think that they have to have a bunch of expensive equipment to get in a good workout. Not So.. Simple body weight exercises like pushups, dips, squats, and planks will do a decent job in maintaining lean body mass and burn tons of calories per workout (which, of course keeps the metabolism up). The addition of a therapy ball and some good resistance bands will make your workouts that much more effective.

Weight Loss St Petersburg, Fl

The days of hours long cardio and isolation workouts are long over! The simple fact is, they are not all that effective. what is most important  is that you do something…  anything for a couple of hours each week and that you do it intensely.

Weight Loss St Petersburg, Fl

Don’t forget to join us in our FREE Facebook Community, Transform St Pete for extra motivation, at home workouts , recipes and accountability !

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Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Programs St. Petersburg, Florida

Darrell P (over 40 mother of 2 teenagers) out at the Tierra Verde morning  camp  started on Halloween and has managed to drop 3 inches instead of gaining the 3 or 4 most have put on by now working out only 2-3 days a week and eating her favorite foods





Heather S (over 40 working mother) out at our Tierra Verde evening camp started last November and  lost 4 pounds and 6 inches and is still going strong . We NEVER get tired of hearing “I can’t believe I’m still with it. This is the longest I’ve ever stuck with anything” !


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I Challenge You To MAINTAIN Rather Than GAIN This Holiday Season And I’ve Put Together My Best  Tips, Strategies And Recipes That Our Most Successful Clients Have Used For 20 Years To Battle The Holiday Bulge AND WIN !

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Inside you’ll get:


– My Best Tips For Stress Free Weight Maintenance (or loss) during the Holidays

– Easy Tips to Cut 100 Calories at Each Meal

– How To Navigate The Food Court

– The Silent Saboteur and How To Avoid It

– Best and Worst Holiday Drinks

Access your free copy here >> http://bit.ly/2gdwTsl << and  feel free to SHARE with others who could benefit from these my 20 years of experience in keeping off the Holiday Pounds!

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Committed To Your Success & Awesomeness,

Dianne Villano, Your Personal Fitness & Body Transformation Expert

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P.S. Hearing from our readers is one of the best parts of my day. Drop me a line and let me know what you think or to share one of your favorite tips !

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