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WEIGHT LOSS MADE EASY ! I have lost a total of 10.75" and 7 including 3" off my hips, 1" off of my thigh,1.75 off of my waist. When I hired Dianne as a Personal Trainer, I had no idea I would get such a great weight loss program or would lose weight so fast. St. Petersburg, Fl

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Mike L

Mike L

I Have Had Significant Weight Loss, Less Lower Back Pain, Knee Pain And Neck Pain. I Sleep Better And Am On The Path To Lower Blood Pressure And Lower Cholesterol Levels. I Feel Like I Have Gotten Control Of My Health Again. It’s A Great Feeling and I'm grateful to Dianne and my Fitness St Pete Personal Trainers!
St Petersburg Florida

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A QUICK & EASY WEIGHT LOSS Program! I lost 4 lbs and 6" during the holidays. I joined because I was fed up with the ups and downs of extreme dieting. I was scared because I was not sure I could handle the workouts. I would say to someone looking for personal trainers or group fitness programs in St Pete, just go for it... You can do it.

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” I was skeptical when I came into the Fitness St Pete Group Personal Training Program but I am losing inches, gaining muscle and my body looks and feels so much better! My stamina has increawsed and I am able to exercise without hurting myself which feels great ! While I have a long way to go, I am confident and improving myself regularly which is not something a lot of 55 year olds can say” Diane G, St Petersburg, Fl.



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As a 10X full Ironman finisher, I foolishly came into the Fitness St Pete  Group Fitness Training program  thinking it would be easy given my background and boy was I wrong. Every time you think you’re getting the hang of it Dianne adds an extra twist to increase the difficulty . I lost 10 lbs and my strength increased. Tony S , St Pete. Fl”




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I didn’t think this personal training and weight loss program  would be so easy!  I know I keep saying that but it’s true!  I lost a total of 20 pounds since I started; my body looks and feels so much better.  I now fit into all my size 6 clothes! At 63 years old I thought I’d never look and feel this good again! I have more confidence, and look and feel so much younger! Seriously, I feel like 40 now “At 63 years old I thought I’d never look and feel this good again! Seriously, I feel like 40 now “  Pattie A, Tierra Verde, Fl.



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” Since I started my Fitness St Pete Group Personal Training Program, I have more energy and better endurance with my running. I have lost 10 pounds and 19″ and my running speed is improving. I took a full minute off my 5K time, my half marathons have improved and my posture is also a lot better! I am also more flexible and feel so much stronger! I have made many positive changes in my diet and have stuck with the food plan. I never throught this would all be possible coming up on my 50th birthday but it is.
If You Really Want To Make A Change To Feel And Look Great, You Really Need To Do This! This Has Changed My Life!”
Leanne C, St. Petersburg, Fl

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Personal Trainers St. Petersburg FL, Tierra Verde Personal Training

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